Inès & Maréchal

The house Inès&Maréchal, known for its luxurious designer furs "made in Paris", blows up the conventional idea of fur clothing. For the brand stylists, fur is not only a social status symbol but a very unique and flexible material for creation of the most unexpected shapes.

Inès&Maréchal embodies an ultra-modern approach of noble materials such as fur, leather or sheepskin. These initially bulky and static materials acquire, in the hands of designers, fluidity and graphism which build the silhouette of the garment. "Everything in fashion is a matter of proportions", says Inès Maréchal.

The designer is constantly experimenting with materials and forms: she combines fur sleeves with leather for a slender silhouette, looks for new ideas for linings and finishing, adds to her collections some unusual for furrier pieces like sheepskin capes, fur scarves, leather leggings and jackets, even handbags. These bold experiments have become one of the most recognizable codes of the brand.

The house Inès&Maréchal was born in 2000 in the creative union of Inès and Alain Maréchal, a recognized Parisian furrier. Since the mid 1970s, Alain Maréchal Studio has been producing fur lines for fashion houses such as Dior, Saint Laurent and Lanvin. Each garment from Inès&Maréchal is made in accordance with the French craftsmanship tradition which emphasizes the manual labor.

The constant search of new top quality furs subject to the most innovative treatments is a matter of paramount importance. Four times per year, Alain Maréchal goes to the main fur auctions in Copenhagen, Helsinki and other cities to select the best raw materials.

The Inès&Maréchal collections are designed for a demanding and dynamic audience looking not only for luxurious but also for surprising clothes. 

Today these collections are sold in the best shops of world fashion capitals, including TSUM in Moscow, Babochka in Saint-Petersburg, Boon The Shop, Corso Como, Tom Greyhound in Seoul, Baycrew’s in Tokyo, Antonia, Il Duomo in Milan, Boutique Ludivine in New-York, Vitkac in Warsaw, etc.

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