Founded in 1994 in Munich by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher, ACRONYM® began as an independent design agency dedicated to fusing style with technology in functional apparel. The brand quickly gained recognition for its innovative and versatile designs, which typically feature a monochromatic palette. 

Functionality has always been at the core of ACRONYM®'s philosophy. This focus attracted Nike, which enlisted Errolson Hugh to revamp its ACG (All Conditions Gear) line with an emphasis on urban utility garments. Furthermore, Hugh spearheaded the "SHADOW PROJECT" in collaboration with Stone Island, merging ACRONYM®'s avant-garde design and advanced fabric technologies with Stone Island’s legacy in performance-driven sportswear. This partnership aimed to expand the limits of functionality and style.

ACRONYM® is renowned for its meticulous selection of premium materials and innovative features, such as magnetic collar stays, hidden storage compartments, and jacket slings. These elements have set new standards in garment construction and foresight, earning ACRONYM® a dedicated global following among those who prioritize functionality in their fashion choices.

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