We transform your existing store by creating a new corporate identity. Our services include logo design, website development, and design guidelines for promotional campaigns and informational materials. We revamp your store with a new brand mix. We assist in selecting new store equipment, mannequins, hangers, and other retail fixtures to enhance your store’s appeal.

Buying Services

We provide buying services, placing orders for seasonal collections for your store. We conduct a detailed analysis of the store’s needs and sales, place the order in the brand’s showroom, and confirm it alongside a store representative. Additionally, we provide our recommendations, detailed visuals of the selection, and negotiate with the brand to obtain optimal terms of cooperation.

Visual Merchandising

We optimize your store space for maximum impact. Our visual merchandising services include window displays, lighting, store layout, color schemes, and music selection to create an inviting shopping environment.

Organisation of Image Events

We specialize in planning and executing store openings, collection presentations, trunk shows, fashion shows and other events that will attract the attention of your target audience and increase sales.


We negotiate franchise agreements (multibrand, monobrand, department stores) that align with your business goals and growth strategy. We help create mutually beneficial conditions for successful cooperation and long-term success of your business.

Social Media Marketing

We develop an effective SMM strategy, create a content plan for social networks, and also track and analyze the results for maximum efficiency and engagement of your audience. Our goal is to provide your store with maximum visibility and attract new customers through social networks.

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