Founded in 2013 by Shangguan Zhe, SANKUANZ quickly established itself as a distinctive voice in the fashion world, known for its unique fusion of styles and cultural narratives. The brand debuted the same year at Shanghai Fashion Week, marking the beginning of its influential journey.

SANKUANZ is celebrated for its bold visual language, blending elements of coolness and hardcoreness. Zhe's designs often feature genderless oriental figures that embody a spirit of rebellion, while also reflecting his philosophical views on faith and collectivism. This innovative approach has resonated within the fashion community, leading to Zhe being named a finalist for the prestigious LVMH Prize in 2015.

The brand's significance in the fashion industry was further highlighted by Shangguan Zhe's inclusion in the Business of Fashion's BOF500 list in consecutive years, 2016 and 2017. Since 2016, SANKUANZ has been a regular fixture at Paris Fashion Week Men’s, showcasing its collections each season in Paris.

Shangguan Zhe's work is characterized by a seamless integration of mutual influences, with his fashion pieces expressing a strong, hardcore collective spirit. This distinctive style and philosophical depth continue to define SANKUANZ, marking it as a forward-thinking label in the contemporary fashion landscape.

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