Mission of repositioning

This mission is aimed at designer brands who desire to fully control the quality of their distribution on the Eastern European market and to achieve their potential in the most optimal way.

Regarding the existing distribution, we propose visits of the clientele accompanied by a CreativEst consultant. During this visit a qualitative analysis of the distribution as well as the SWOT matrix recommending a detailed and objective estimation of the existing distribution compared to its direct competitors will be undertaken.

The business plan reflecting the quantitative and qualitative potential of all the brand product groups for at least four seasons will be proposed to the brands’ representatives.

The concretization of the business plan according to the criteria of the brand and its requirements regarding the quality of the potential customers.

Creation of the interior design for the future mono-brand stores.

This mission is aimed at the young, but promising brands, having already developed product groups and possessing a previous positive experience of sales in the multi-brand stores and the department stores.

The city and the geographical location of the first mono-brand store are thoroughly studied in detail with the brand representatives.

A study of the brand’s DNA, its philosophy and history. A detailed and objective analysis of all the product groups and their sales performance in the existing boutiques is undertaken. The necessary space for the future store is also estimated taking into consideration the optimal sales equipment for the different groups of products.

The conception and confirmation of a detailed business plan taking into consideration all the economic and financial characteristics in consultation with the brand representatives.

Following the presentation of the whole esthetical, colour and material aspects of the project, the specified technical plan, the floor plan of the surface area, the sections and the 3D projects are elaborated.

It is after the finalization and confirmation by the brand representatives of this version, that “the codes of the interior design” of the brand are elaborated, the codes which will be easily identifiable and transmitted to the future franchise stores.

Full control of the project’s realization will be guaranteed.

A merchandising guide and window display manual are elaborated. Upon further agreement, it is possible to receive seasonal merchandising guides and thematic window displays in accordance with the seasonal plan of each collection.

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