Creation of the new «turnkey» concept store

  • Estimation of the project’s profitability: Business plan for the first two years of the store’s activities.
  • Choice of the location: assistance in the choice of the store’s location on a map of the city, taking into account the existing shopping areas, the competitors and the characteristics of the proposed location. This selection must be made according to the idea and contents of the future store.
  • Interior design: Optimal use of the trading space, interior design, 3 dimensional technical plan and full control of the project’s realization through frequent contacts with the architect and/or foreman.
  • Trading material: Choice of the trading equipment, decoration fixtures, design objects, possibility to order specific made to measure pieces from France or locally.
  • Brand portfolio: Selection of the brands, negotiations with their representatives, discussion of the terms of collaboration, setting up of the show-room appointments.
  • Support during the sales campaign: Accompaniment of the customer’s representatives or buyers during the two first seasons.
  • Assistance in the choice of the logistics: Optimal choosing of the logistics for the store, especially regarding the rare product groups such as: niche perfumes, jewelry, eye-glasses etc.
  • Decoration of the trading space and windows: Visits during the technical and official openings in order to implement the merchandising and window displays of the new store. Creation of the thematic windows for special occasions: New Year celebrations, etc.
  • Staff training on site: Merchandising, sales techniques and work on the customer database: its development and consolidation. Training elaborated for the managers to motivate and administrate the staff of the store.
  • Official opening of the store: Assistance to define the operational side of the event, with the eventual implication of certain brands, assistance in its realization and creation of the press communiqué.
  • Follow-up of the store’s development and upgrading of its brand portfolio during the first two seasons of the store’s activities.
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