Help in communication and collaboration with the labels already represented in your boutique.

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Negotiation about the terms of your collaboration with the brand (exclusivity terms, commercial and financial benefits, delivery dates, payment terms)

Negotiations for necessary media supports in order to promote the public relations side of your boutique (photos from advertising campaigns, press cuttings, history of the label and designer, collection look book)

Organization of deliveries, help in resolving conflicts (late deliveries, missing goods, queries regarding the quality, non conform goods, certification problems)

Legal help is offered in situations of potential conflict concerning the right to distribute the label in your town (violation of your exclusivity, parallel distribution, and false publicity from your competitors

Help in negotiations with the labels that are of potential interest.

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Creation of your business profile in order to present your company in a professional manner to the labels you wish to start collaboration with.

The necessary correspondence in order to complete the negotiations concerning your right to represent the label in your boutique.

Organization of showroom appointments with the potentially interesting labels, we accompany you during appointments for negotiations and placing orders.

Rebranding a Boutique or existing concept.

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If you wish to add a new label to your concept or change radically the direction of your boutique by creating a new brand mix we can help you navigate this new direction.

Depending on what you want and the brand mix already in place, we research and negotiate the new designers that could be an asset to you and blend in with your concept, increase your image and help push sales.

In some cases, if proved necessary, we can negotiate with your competitors, regarding a brand distribution in your town.

Help in realizing a Franchise project.

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If you are interested in opening a franchised boutique in your town, we not only negotiate efficiently but we can also find the premises and put together a business plan after studying the financial aspect of the project.

We are used to working closely with the finest interior decorators, these design agencies work regularly with the best Fashion houses, and we can become the link that enables the designer to work closely with the architect in charge of your project.

An important asset is that one of our partners is specialized in the creation and running of mono brand boutiques and we have the benefit of more than ten years experience with the best Parisian Fashion Houses.

Perhaps you have found inspiration or have really loved existing multi brand boutiques or department stores? We can show you many extremely interesting concepts in Russia, Western Europe, Asia or the United States who wish to expand by opening franchises and be present in Eastern Europe. Think about it carefully: by accepting a name and a concept that has proved its success and is already known all over the world you enjoy their image and notoriety.

You benefit from an excellent brand mix in addition to the guidance of an experienced partner every step of the way.

Help buying your collection in the showroom.

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Selecting collections for your boutique, with your buyers or independently by our specialist buyers.

In order to be optimizing our role we take into consideration the look and style of your boutique as well as the client base and analyze the sales figures by product category.

Propositions for display equipment.

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According to the style of your boutique, we can help you select and order new mannequins or other display elements for your merchandising. (Horizontal or vertical elements to show case small leather goods, jewelry, watches, eye wear, perfumes etc….)

We can also help design and order made to measure equipment, produced locally or in France.
Antique dealers are among our partners as well as craftsmen who specialize in industrial design. These craftsmen have often created unique elements of display for the most prominent boutiques of the world.

In house training and motivating your sales team.

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Organizing staff training in order to improve the fashion culture of your staff and keep them up to date with all the current fashion news as well of the trend of the season in the store at the moment.

Improve visual merchandising and train your staff on the presentation of the collections and the impact visual merchandising has on clients.

Seasonal decorating, window dressing themes, and passing on this knowledge to your staff.

Plan the merchandising in accordance with the season, planning the window displays.

Create individual training sessions on additional subjects (client psychology, the art of creating a silhouette, personal shopping….)

Train on how to organize and work with your client base, how to consolidate, develop and extend the existing client list.

We are also able to organize short training sessions for your managers in France with the best Parisian boutiques, and private intensive workshops with visual merchandising specialists working for prestigious Fashion houses.

Help looking for qualified people.

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Due to our privileged relations in your country we can recommend the right specialist in areas like management, buying and merchandising.

If you are looking for a specialist with a European background and the necessary experience for your project, you may benefit from our relations in this area, we have partners among the biggest recruitment agencies, and head hunters specialized in the fashion industry.

Help organize special events in your boutique.

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Trunk shows with guests representing the designer labels present in your boutique.

Expositions and a presentation of the designer that you are currently representing.

Finding a theme and decoration for the events.

Support realizing a new project.

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Making a business plan for each project.

Choosing the name of the future project in keeping with its concept.

Interior design for future boutique, taking in count the way it will look but also the display elements. (Choice of display cases, mannequins and other display elements). Use of Feng Shui in the decoration of future sales area. (See details further down)

Elaboration of the Boutique’s Image (logo, sales catalogues, packaging, photos and all necessary elements for an advertising campaign)

Finding a scenario for inauguration of the boutique, its web site and elaboration of a communication plan.

Creation of your concept from A to Z.

Help obtaining European and American visas and the organization of your stay.

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CreativeEst provides its clients with the necessary professional documents to obtain a European visa. We also have the possibility of providing you with invitations to our partners’ show rooms in United States.

If necessary we can find and book you into a hotel or apartment in Eastern Europe, and find a chauffeur who will help you get between buying appointments.

Linguistic services.

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Translation of all your correspondence and documents from Russian to French or English.

If necessary we can get the help of professional translators in other languages.

We can recommend professional interpreters to accompany you during your buying appointments and for all negotiations.

The art of Feng Shui to intensify good energy, charm and successful sales.

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You have surely come across boutiques designed by well known architects, the decoration and lighting are all of good taste, but for some strange reason empty, and not successful.

And on the contrary boutiques that look simple, but inviting, that feel warm and comfortable.
So maybe there is energy or a force capable of attracting or repelling people?

Feng Shui is based on the concept that the world is made of energy. The world around us is made of all different energies, and humans are part of this world. The principal mission of Feng Shui is to study and correct the influences that these energies have on people.

Also there is a more psychological aspect (like a feeling of comfort or repulsion in a place, or the instinctive need to move an object).simple common sense finds a meaning in Feng Shui.

Many of us follow Feng Shui rules without realizing. For example, we all know that in a boutique there should not be a narrow passage way between shelves; your clients would feel uncomfortable. Aroma marketing as a sensorial marketing instrument, this is frequently used in Feng Shui as aromas and colors are in connection with humans vibration fields.

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