Maharishi, which, literally translated means ‘great seer’, was started in 1994 with a vision to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, high-quality utilitarian clothing. Founded by Hardy Blechman, it promotes a strong ethos of respect for nature while utilising the latest technology.  

Blechman, whose former experience lay in the international military and industrial clothing surplus trade, started maharishi by producing hemp and other natural fibre clothing as well as recycling workwear and military surplus. His work in the field of natural fibres helped the brand to gain wider acceptance in large commercial fashion retailers. In 1995, Blechman designed and launched Snopants® – an original design concept with unique detailing that became a significant style statement and the label’s signature. In the 21st century Snopants® remain a staple of maharishi collections, and continue their influence on a new style of dressing.

Despite great commercial growth and a high media profile, maharishi remains a privately owned company, with its ethos and identity truly intact. Blechman’s recent collections have expanded on the brand’s ethos by introducing themes inspired by a 
concern for environmental issues such as melting polar ice, desertification, and rising sea levels. These subjects call for a controlled approach to the use of natural resources and emphasize the responsibility of the individual in its protection. Maharishi prides itself on its rejection of mainstream fashion trends, drawing instead on its own points of inspiration and a natural progression of quality, perfect fit and original design. The company continues to develop and expand with a positive attitude, open mind and unique approach.

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