Our approach to promising countries from emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Pacific Asia.

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The interest that arose in Eastern Europe and Asia for luxury goods started more than twenty years ago, when the first luxury boutiques opened in the cities like Moscow, Almaty, Kiev, Baku, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Seoul. A time called the “Eldorado of new markets”.

The size of these markets has considerably changed since. Many luxury brands have opened franchises or boutiques in big cities and regional capitals.

Your luxury clientele travels more and more, and is frequently in the boutiques, concept stores, department stores or corners that represent designer labels around the world. Consequently they are more fashion conscious and more demanding. Many clients, who only yesterday proudly wore “Brands”, are today attracted by originality in design, the beauty and intrinsic value of a product. They are willing to pay a high price for the unique style and creativity of the designer, not just for a brand or this season’s look.

Therefore, for several seasons now, in the ex-Eastern bloc and Pacific Asia has seen the opening of a large number of multi-brand boutiques inspired by L’Eclaireur, 10 Corso Como, Dover Street Market, Colette and other concept stores. They mostly carry designers from Belgium, France, Japan and the United Kingdom, but also a niche selection of perfumes, watches, eye wear, special editions, CDs, etc.

The commercial success of these stores is witness to the great change in consumer culture across both Eastern Europe and Asia. The creative value and unique signature of the designer have become more important than a famous name or advertising campaign.

Increasing your business with our extensive list of more than 1000 contacts

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Our contact list is the result of more than fifteen years of presence in this area. Our list is made up of well-known companies but also promising boutiques across Eastern Europe and Asia.

The specificity of our relationship with our clients is a result of being often an acting partner in the creation of new concepts (A to Z follow-up, rebranding, renovation of boutiques). We insure follow up and periodically introduce new designer labels. This part of our business is very appreciated by our clientele who fully trusts in us.

CreativEst is well known as a consultant for new concepts and for updating existing ones, this allows us to get an access to inside information about new projects.

Our contact list is regularly and automatically updated with this information.

Access to all information regarding each potential client.

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It is of the highest importance for a fashion house to control the quality and image of each boutique that represents them. We have precise information on the brand mix present in each boutique that we invite to our partners' showrooms. In order to validate a potential client, we send photos showing the design inside the boutiques, window dressing and visual merchandising.

Trust and reliability are important factors for labels starting to develop in countries where information is difficult to find, not only because of the language barrier. In majority the boutiques that we work with have a solid financial background and a good reputation in the fashion world. In the case of a new client, our team has numerous ways to thoroughly check  their background and reputation.

The potential of your product in our markets and a detailed business plan.

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Before starting collaboration with our company, a label has to evaluate its potential in this market.

To give a complete answer, we use not only our experience and intuition, but also the opinion of our best clients who can evaluate the interest in the collection for their boutiques. We appeal to other fashion professionals as well (bloggers, journalists, fashion critiques). As a result we can draw up a business plan, projecting the development of the label in an area over four to six seasons, for our potential partner.

How to adapt the product to fit the market

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With our experts (buyers from the best boutiques in the area) we put together our recommendations, to help you to adapt your collections to the requirements of the market; this will be favorable to your development in the chosen countries.

Access to up-to-date information on the markets development and “bench marketing”

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Before we start prospecting for a new season, we determine a plan detailing the companies in favor of working with each designer, the boutiques that could change their strategy and potentially become excellent distributors for our partners.

This precious information can be made accessible to our partners who want to be updated on the latest news concerning each market.

We also regularly analyze what rival brands are offering in stores; synthesize this information into “bench marketing” recommendations (a marketing strategy based on improving certain parameters of your product in regard to rival products).

Creating your designer profile with a mini presentation of the label as a support for prospection and staff training.

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In this short but well illustrated document, we present the history and the philosophy of your label, the designer’s biography, the celebrities wearing the designs, etc.

Help with public relations for your label.

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Amongst our partners and friends we can count upon several Eastern European and Asian press agencies.

We maintain excellent relations with fashion critiques, bloggers and other trend setters.

Our site and social network are updated regularly with news of our partners. This information is available for journalists, critiques and bloggers

In some cases we contact well known local figures who could potentially promote the label, help them select a suitable wardrobe. .

We communicate about each designer in harmony with their philosophy, experience and possibilities. In each case, we look for the optimal strategy to promote your label in the countries that we work with.

We accompany the representatives of your brand when they travel for business or staff trainings.

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Putting together and sending illustrated staff training supports in English and Russian that can be completed when we visit. Principal cities where there are several existing clients are visited at least once a season. We also visit smaller towns regularly.

Designers that work with us can organize staff training and be a part of events held by our clients.

Help with administration for traveling.

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In order to travel to the countries that we work with you most often need a visa, insurance, hotel reservations etc… CreativEst can help their partners to finalize their travel arrangements.

We help optimize our partners stay by helping them choose hotels and organize their trip.

Negotiation for opening corners and mono brand boutiques, follow up and help in development of project.

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If all the conditions are there to expand the business (figures up, good sell thru, Growing brand notoriety, enough different lines for a brand concept etc…) we start to study the possibility of opening a mono brand boutique (flag ship).

It is often the case; the client that already carries the label is prepared to open a corner or flagship boutique. In order to look into this possibility we make a business plan with the available property and participate actively in the realization and follow up of the project.

Translation of all documents and your correspondence between: Russian, French and English.

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To have a strong connection with a market, Labels must be able to communicate in their language, in order to transmit their history, philosophy and fashion codes.

Of course if we have the principal tools (Designer profile, biography etc) written in the local language we stand a better chance of success.

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