The French designer Isaac Sellam “has got leather under his skin”…

It was leather which gave to the young designer the desire to create his own brand and it has forever remained his favourite material. Isaac sewed his first jackets at the age of eleven and sold them to his friends to earn some money. Once he became a stylist, he decided to work with leather which he qualifies "the strongest luxury receptor". This self-taught craftsman turned his apartment in Paris into a real research lab, where he studied leathers during fifteen years, working closely with the best tanners and experimenting his creativity and innovations.



In 2002, the designer gave a name to his ambition: the brand Isaac Sellam Experience was born.

Research, innovation, technological treatments and all kinds of experiments are central to its collections, created from the best leather, soft and resistant. Isaac Sellam pays special attention to detail, even the most insignificant. His clothes are often endowed with long narrow sleeves and jersey insertions. By changing the seams and the usual fabrics, he obtains the precision of the cut and an extraordinary outfit. Quite often, he makes one material look as another in order to achieve this fluidity and cleanliness that always hit in his collections. A revolutionary technical treatment gives to its products an undeniable modernity and places them among the most popular fashion trends. However, the creations of this unusual designer always keep a timeless dimension. Isaac Sellam loves to leave refined marks of his work on the original material so to highlight its versatility and to communicate his creative passion.

“The fabrics are very easy. And I did not care about fashion trends. That is why I chose the leather,” – says the designer. – I try to be away from this world and busy people who do not appreciate what they are buying. I make clothes that surprise me and that I like. I do not want them to be just the things that someone will replace with the next. My clients are not fashion victims and they do not buy because of the label Isaac Sellam. They are artists, musicians, filmmakers, and their dress is an experience for them”.

Elitism without eccentricity is one of his principles: Sellam does not want to grow too much and intends to keep his creations unique and rare. Artisanal clothes, inspired by classics or street fashion, are being reinvented under designer’s hands and become holders of an imaginary past, magnificent and timeless.

Isaac Sellam collections are present in the most famous shops in the world, such as L’Eclaireur (Paris), Antonioli (Milan), TheForm (Moscow) or DLT (St. Petersburg). But also in the closets of many artists, including Nicolas Cage, Heidi Klum, Lenny Kravitz, Rihanna …

Interview with ISAAC SELLAM
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